A quick look at various Free West Papua separatist themes

Please spend your time briefly to look at the various Free West Papua separatist themes – the accusations and claims – which can be found repeated daily in their social medias, websites, media articles, comments, leaflets, and many other forms propaganda.

You will find that separatists use accusative narratives deliberately to dominate the debate about West Papua.

A typical communist separatist approach of arguing will be more like this:

Separatists: Why can’t West Papua be independent?

Ordinary People: Um…, I don’t know, maybe…

Separatists: So you admit West Papua could be independent?

Ordinary People: Perhaps, it could be…I think.

Separatists: Yay! Great, another supporter!


Separatists: Why can’t West Papua decide its own future?

Ordinary People: No, I’m not sure about that. I mean…West Papua could decide its own future…I suppose.

Separatists: Yay! Great, another convert!

The point here is to put you on the edge of a thin fence, pushing your logic and understanding about a position on whether or not separating West Papua from Indonesia is acceptable. Being independence based on people’s decision is always looks good and those who embrace democracy will easily leaning towards supporting such campaign.

Once you open your mind to accept Free West Papua Campaign, then they will ask you to fly the symbolic flag with additional argument in the name of human rights.

The conversation would be like this:

Separatists: Why can’t West Papuan People fly their own flag?

Ordinary People: How would I know about it? They should be allowed to fly their flag…I suppose.

Separatists: Do you know that If you raise this flag inside West Papua you can be shot dead or put in jail.

Ordinary People: Seriously ! What can I do to help?

Separatists: Yay! Great, another convert!

Free West Papua separatist has been painting the picture of West Papua as a colony of Indonesia. The fact that West Papua is one of Indonesia’s provinces is covered with separatist evil propaganda that causes Papuans to be suspicious of one another.

Indonesia should not attempt to answer all Free West Papua propaganda by playing in the same field of evil propaganda against the interest of the people in West Papua and Papua provinces. What Indonesian should continue to do is to develop the region fairly. Furthermore, Indonesia better to base its answer to separatism challenge by showing the positive strength of Papua and West Papua as part of Indonesia.

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